Peter Mellett

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I am Pete.

I'm a 25+1-year-old Web Developer living in Cornwall, UK. I studied Computer Science at Cardiff University and I am interested in software development, American Football (both playing domestically and following the National Football League), surfing and fishkeeping.

I have been hobby programming for a number of years in Java, PHP and Ruby. I've also used Bash, Batch and Powershell scripting in server administration roles.

If you would like to contact me please visit the contact page. See my CV for more information.

The Site

This site is intended as a place for me to talk about the process of learning Ruby on Rails & showcase some of my projects. The application is self-built after using the Agile Web Developement with Rails and Michael Hartl's excellent railstutorial to learn the basics. Along the way I've been using the excellent RailsCasts by Ryan Bates and my own project work to learn the Rails framework and Ruby programming language.

This site is built using:

Developed on Ubuntu with the Sublime Text 2 text editor. Hosting by SWBroadband.