Peter Mellett

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Peter Mellett

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I am looking to begin a career in software development, I have educational and work experience with PHP, Python, Java, C++ and Ruby with additional hobby experience in Rails, jQuery and JavaScript. I am familiar with version control, MVC architecture and responsive web design. I have working knowledge of MySQL and am familiar with PostgreSQL. I aim to continue developing skills and experience in the field. I hold a full, clean UK driving licence.


2005-2009 Cardiff University

Diploma of Higher Education from the School of Computer Science

1998-2005 Uckfield Community Technology College


January 2011–Present: IT Technician, Wadebridge School

Currently working as part of a team of three at Wadebridge School, we are responsible for Network Infrastructure, Server Administration, Desktop, and Application support.

As a team, we recently completed a project to migrate from an existing Active Directory Forest to a new Forest including: users, their data, and mailboxes while simultaneously upgrading or migrating server infrastructure and desktop Operating Systems. This project was over a year in planning and 3 months in execution. My roles included:

January 2010–January 2011: IT Technician, Cardiff County Council Schools IT Support.

IT support technician for Cardiff County Council in a role that covers one third of schools in Cardiff. Worked in a small team dedicated to school's IT with experience of primary, secondary and special schools.

Work undertaken includes Time management; Networking; Server Administration; Procurement; Imaging and Deployment; working with previously unseen systems and accommodating specific user requirements.


Software Engineering. I am interested in software engineering and the role that computers play in everyday life. Areas such as human-computer interaction and networking add a dimension to computer programming that allows for new ways of thinking in terms of applying computers to our daily lives.

Sports. I play American Football with the Cornish Sharks. It is a sport that requires discipline and concentration, it promotes adaptability and understanding how your role can fit into the overall goal of the rest of the team.

Team Environments. I have worked in teams many times since higher education. I enjoy the interaction and the chance to work towards a common goal.


Computer Literacy. I am able to use a variety of computer systems competently and confidently. I have experience with Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and various Linux-based operating systems. I have server experience with Linux including hosting and maintaining web applications.

Computer Programming. I am experienced with multiple programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and a passing familiarity with Python. I am familiar with various programming paradigms, good practices and a strong interest in Object Oriented programming.

Databases. I have experience with Oracle, MSSQL, SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL database management systems and can use SQL and other tools to successfully create, update and maintain databases. I also have experience with multi-user server-based applications.

Development Tools. Experience with IDEs including Eclipse & Visual Studio, proficient use of Terminal and text editors such as Notepad++ (Windows) and Sublime Text 2 (Cross-Platform). Minor testing experience with RSpec and Test::Unit in Rails for both Integration and Unit tests.

Fault Finding. Investigation and recognition of a wide array of faults and situations ranging from mission critical servers to hardware and software faults on PCs and other equipment.

Networking. I have experience with various networking technologies both Ethernet and Wireless using encryption protocols including WPA and WEP also MAC filtering. I have installed and maintained network switches in different configurations. Also server administration including hardware and software roles.

System Administration. Multiple operating systems and platforms including Windows, Mac OS X (Leopard and above), GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Arch)

Web Development. I have experience in designing for the web and am familiar with fixed-width and fluid grid layouts and media queries. I have used CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery and CoffeeScript in multiple projects. I have experience with MVC architecture using RESTful web APIs, including JSON and XML.