Peter Mellett

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Welcome to my personal website, where I will infrequently update based on my findings in Ruby (and other languages), Rails and my day-to-day troubleshooting with both desktop and server machines and their software.

I've built this website as a part of learning Rails for work-related projects. It forms the sort of instant gratification project that sometimes helps to build confidence when learning a new language and framework. My other projects include a stock-control system for printer consumables and an IP/Asset-tracking database. You can browse and follow my projects at Github.

Aside from work and Rails, I'm spending my time playing American Football for the Cornish Sharks, a UK team in Div 2 South West. I have played the sport for a number of years now, including 3 seasons with the South Wales Warriors. I'm also patiently waiting for the sea to warm up so I can go for a surf, or at least attempt to!

If you would like to contact me, feel free to visit the Contact page and for a more concise bio plus technical specs of the site please visit the About page.